Monday, 8 October 2012

Pep Talk

My friend is setting off on his first day work today.
friend: fuck
  I have a job
  I have to go to it today
14:16 me: haha
  first day?
14:20 friend: yes
 me: have a fun time!
  flirt with EVERYONE
  wiggle your bum
 friend: lol
 me: charm their pants off
  of which you are perfectly capable
  take off at knock off time leaving a wake of panties behind you
14:21 friend: lolll
14:22 me: it's what I aim for when I go to work
 friend: best pep talk ever
 me: incidentally, I get shit done while I'm there
  but it is purely incidental
  I'm glad you find it helpful :)