Wednesday, 19 October 2016



Recently I've started to work on some new skills and it makes me feel like I'm shit at everything, because new skills are not so easily acquired. But then that makes sense, really, because if I go to these classes to learn new things and find that I can already do it well then, it's probably a waste of time/money because it's not a real challenge, is it? The problem is that sometimes I'm so overwhelmed by what I can't do that I forget I can do anything - anything at all.

On the other hand sometimes I tangibly achieve a goal and that feels quite nice. The Bubble Tea Shakers performed for the first time this last weekend, so I'm glad I came up with an idea and worked with others to make it a reality.

Also another thing that helps in general is knowing what to say no to - for instance, swingy Christmas music.

I like my swing to be old fashioned and my Christmas music even more so. Medieval carols will do nicely, thank you.

Some motivational posters I liked.