Thursday, 9 February 2012

Third time lucky?

The last two were a bit crap, and I kind of thought marking it out as a day different from any other would be just begging for doom and blight. But this year I thought I'd try something clever and see if I'd get away with it. Third time lucky, so they say.

Let's hope it doesn't end up with me sitting alone at the bar, with The Smiths playing in the background. But anyway...

Yoga earlier. It occurred to me that the way 五柳先生 reads is more or less how I think of my practice:   「不求甚 解;每有會意,便欣然忘食。」Following that, dinner for one as usual (and preferred, on week days) at the usual place. My week-nights thrive on routine. Half a bottle of riesling to myself, and Moby-Dick for company. Slow going, armed with so many other weapons of mass distraction (hello, Android), and the words itself requiring a bit of mulling and chewing. Enjoyable though, all the same.

Most thankful to be where I'm at. That I have the good fortune to be young and (relatively) sane and employed and dry and comfortable on a rainy day and to be blessed and gifted with the enjoyment of my body and my voice and my mind - and most of that, that you (plural) are here, there, and everywhere.


Angela H said...

'twas good. still hung over.