Sunday, 1 January 2012

Taking stock

I find myself living on two different calendars. There ought to be days off around Christmas and New Year to indulge, take stock, reflect, write long catch up emails which have become a little bit of a personal tradition.

But I haven't, because in Taiwan our time off, end of year, 結算 and 掃除 actually comes at Chinese New Year.

For me this period has become a sort of run-up to. I am trying to get things out of the way, whatever needs to be done. I am thinking of all the people I have to write to, and all the things I am grateful for. I just haven't had time to execute.

This year unlike many many previous years there were celebrations on both occasions. A memorable (by being not at all part of my recollections) Christmas party (c/o DC & Linda), and an equally memorable (by being almost entirely sober) New Year's Eve gig (c/o The Muddy Basin Ramblers).

I particularly want to make note of the fact that I've been in Taiwan for 1 1/2 years and I honestly feel like I am home now. I have a working knowledge of the city's major streets (and a good few of the back alleys); I have traveled by public transit far and wide, early and late; I have a list of favourite restaurants and a list of more to try; I have fond and not so fond recollections at various drinking establishments (one day I may even have a reputation that precedes me); but most importantly I have friends old and new, who make this place what it is for me.

It seems that moving back here was the right decision.

The only thing lacking is your physical presence, my friend. But having you in my life is what makes it complete.