Tuesday, 10 January 2012

before it is consigned to the oblivion

..of memory, here is an old email to someone. 
  1. does the occasional showers put me off from the idea of a long walk by the river? no. so might do that soon. need some trousers first.
  2. piercings: the pain makes me feel quite alive. not that i don't feel alive without it, but it is an enhancer. there were times in the past when it was the only thing i could feel, which was scary. let's not go there ever again.
  3. alive: someone was trying to jump off folly bridge on my way back to dan's. he was stood on the outside edge of the stonework, crying. a bunch of police trying to talk him off the edge. that's not cool dude... don't do it.
  4. lunch: focaccia with aubergines, tomato and melted cheese. salad with lime juice & olive oil dressing, plus grated parmesan. sliced braeburn apples. if only we had braeburns in taiwan.
  5. lisp: Dan continues to lisp 'Simon, I love you.' I suggested that he get to know you a bit better first, before these sentimental declarations.
  6. memories. dan and i remember different parts of the past and sometimes have to jog one another's memory quite a bit. just as i don't remember punching you on my living room sofa, unless you remind me.
  7. interventions: i know you're trying to get michael to move out but i'm unclear as to what your measures of success would be? what are you trying to achieve and how would you know when you've done it?
  8. future: self discipline. focus. beauty. just some catchphrases standing in for things i'd like to incorporate into the future. i can hardly wait. oh yes, those three, and a lot of silver cutlery.
  9. stuff: i can't imagine moving again. i have so much stuff now. i intend to keep ferrying things into my current flat so i can live the life i've always dreamed.
  10. come on over so i can make lovely meals for you and you can try out my silverware. we'll have heaps of delicious food and wine, and laugh a lot. consider this an open invitation.
that's all for now. have a lovely day.

i love u.