Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Just for the record, today I am happy

Not satisfied with all aspects of my life (I could probably be working harder), but for the first time in a while now I am feeling really, really happy.

Happy like the time when I was living in Edinburgh, or when I was in Oxford. In part I think it helps to be settled somewhere, but an even bigger part of it is the people. Yes, even if they are only here for two weeks at a time.

Brent & Steve and I went to Toasteria near ZXDH, and then Brent and I took my cousin Owen to the Mod Bar for a drink (his first drink at a bar, ever!).

I have become obsessed with reading someone's blog from 2006.

I managed to retrieve my old blog from Windows Live Spaces even though I missed the migration deadline. That made me really happy - it's nice to save so much from another life.

But it's even better to like the life I have now.

Tomorrow I go back to the UK to see lots and lots of people I love. Who could ask for anything more?

p.s. re-reading my old blog from uni: I once woke up at six am and drove down from Scoraig just to make it back to DHT in time for Dr. Claire Colebrook's lecture on realism. Apparently it was rather worth the trek.