Wednesday, 17 August 2011

curry & dmt

[topher, looking more or less exactly the same as before]

tonight i had dinner with 3 of my favourite people in the world: toph, dan, and anders. i have sat at home in taiwan, at times, remembering and missing them. so i'm glad that we were all together.

the weather has been absolutely terrible. dan and i were soaked on our shopping spree, and spent the rest of the day curled up in comfort at home. we did a tad of cleaning, and plenty of cooking, eating, and drinking. anders & toph geeked out big time on music chat. dan and i peeled apples for apple mousse.

so many things about toph bring back happy memories. i keep finding object in the flat and saying 'hey, this is mine!' (the Canon camera, the woollen blanket, the one kroner piece on the keychain, the frying pan)

i am so incredibly grateful to have them in my life - especially to still have Toph, after all that. in a way i am reminded, at every turn, of how much i have lost. but looking at him again i am reminded also of what i still, and will continue to have.

that is the way things are often, i suppose. everything changes. but nothing changes. i lose things, but then nothing is lost.