Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A little quiet

The other day my friend asked after me because of some slightly worrying status updates. I do tend to leave cryptic traces here and there. I use these things to talk to myself; other people simply overhear snatches of that on going conversation. (Can't express how utterly bowled over I am with gratefulness that I matter to people who matter to me. Thank you, Lord, for populating my life with these good folk. It wouldn't be worthwhile, being here without them.)

The blog is more and more another private dialogue of sorts. Often I write, addressing someone in particular, or many people at once.

The last wee while has been drama, for me and you both. I'm looking for a little bit of peace and quiet, space to sort my head out. Not from the desire to isolate myself, but from pure exhaustion and the need to relinquish agency. If drama has to come, it'll have to find me.

As I lie in my bed tonight I will be thinking of you. Hoping you are well. Hoping that you will mend. I'm looking forward to that.