Thursday, 2 June 2011

The pleasures of owning a puppy

Got home late, let the puppy out. he charges to the door, and then starts to pee. I stop him and pick him up to take him down stairs (to stop him peeing in the lift). He then starts to paw my face, so then I was in the lift, with dog pee all over my face. Just another day with puppy.

Usually if I scold him he lies belly down and sometimes puts his paws over his face. Then when I've finished jabbing my finger and raising my voice, he'll come over and lick my hands or knees and generally cozy up to me. The worst is when he makes a mess that I need to clean up (like when he pulled out a whole roll of toilet paper and danced around with it), so I need to put him in a separate room right after he's been scolded. Then he cries inconsoably. I think it's because he thinks that I'm still mad at him (true) and that our relationship will never be repaired (false).

Like Charles Chulz says, happiness is a warm puppy. I think I'm going to paint that on my wall.