Monday, 9 May 2011


At first he didn't know how anything worked and cried a lot - when he's alone, when he's tired, when he's being reprimanded for misbehaving, when the lift doors open and close, when normal doors open in his face or close too close to his hind legs, when he's washed, when he's in his crate, when he's not in his crate, when he's leashed, when he's walked, when he has to have shots etc. etc. etc.

Now he's house trained, he can play fetch, he can come here and sit down and he never snatches biscuits from my hands anymore. His fur has almost all grown back, and he knows how to be good or at least pretend to be good so someone will give him a treat. He only cries now when I reprimand him or when he's nervous. He almost never barks (except when you take too long to give him his food). He's still teething so he chews absolutely everything. Recently he's become fond of chewing feet. We're still working on that.

Phew. The first 2 weeks were hell. I'm glad we got through that.