Monday, 19 April 2010

Kensington Sunday

Today I went to Nancy's and was fed (as per usual) and we shopped her wardrobe. I borrowed her crinoline (performance soon). Then I had brunch with Jeff (with a bloody caesar) and we went and had a poke around a bookstore. I saw a little book of illustrations (Toronto houses attached to bodies as heads in black and white line drawing) and was very taken with it. Perhaps I will go back and buy it, I don't know. I am trying to cut down on possessions in anticipation of impending move. Then I went and made myself a brontosaurus t-shirt, and bought some frilly undies to wear with the crinoline, and got some maple smoked bacon from the nice butcher's in Kensington.

It's my favourite neighbourhood in Toronto.

At home I talked to Richard and Sarah and Toph - and in the meanwhile I changed the buttons on my blue top. The original blue buttons were boring. It looks much nicer with mother-of-pearl.

Sometimes small things like that give me a huge amount of satisfaction.