Sunday, 21 March 2010

Life Drawing

[life drawing in compressed charcoal with orange conté on newsprint]

On Saturday mornings I have life drawing class at the TSA with Thomas Hendry. Today we worked on composition. This one is my final piece of the day. Three windows onto different areas of the same pose. The model (Derek) really liked the three drawings I did today (I don't have pictures of the others) so I offered to give them to him. That was flattering. I'll probably take the same idea further... I intend to do a series of self-portraits - maybe something like this?


Derek said...

this is awesome Angela. I love it. and thanks for posting it. :-) thank you for giving me the original.

Pseudoangela said...

No problem! Thanks for being such a great model :) By the way, I remember now that we've met before. Phlip introduced you to me that time when you and him were posing for Gretchen's class in suits!