Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Tea, Potatoes, Love in Unexpected Places

Friend of mine has been invited to a tea. Is it a likely place to find romance?

I suspect he will run into his true love at the fishmonger's. Not while buying fish, because he's vegetarian - but just going past when another bloke (on his way to the greengrocer's, which is right next to the fishmonger's in the covered-market) bumps into him and sends his groceries flying.

So then this bloke would have to spend ages chasing potatoes all over the covered-market, and the two of them would have a good laugh about it. 6 hours later they'll have had a delicious meal together, drunk a bottle of wine, and be busy tearing each other's clothes off.

But that wouldn't be ideal because my friend would prefer to only get serious with someone he's had a chance to get to know.

I reckon that this bloke will be someone he's known for a long time, but never had real chemistry with. Not because he's unattractive, but because the timing was just never right. In fact, this bloke might actually seem too smart, too tall, too handsome, too charming and always too attached to someone else already. They might always meet under the wrong circumstances, in the wrong contexts.

Until they bump into each other at the fishmonger's, that is.

But then since they are to have known each other for a long time by then, I advised my friend that he had better start now by going to tea to possibly make his acquaintance. Then in about a year or two he can start marching around the covered-market with anticipation - and a bag full of potatoes.