Friday, 5 February 2010

Tea, Inventory & Others

[perfect cup of tea]

The other day I found this paper box waiting for me in the entrance hall, next to a pile of post. Turns out it's my birthday present from DJ (head geek, dapper dan, and my favourite little brother). Here's what it looks like - I love the fact that it comes with a saucer. I use this teacup exclusively for my rooibos. It feels right somehow.

[are you hungry yet? I am, and I don't even like pancakes]

That same day I went and helped to take inventory at a local book store, and I saw these books and just loved the illustrations on the cover. So I photographed them to show you. The books are Pancake: A Global History, Hamburger: A Global History, and Pizza: A Global History. I'd be quite interested in reading these but I've been given three really cool books (Various Voices, by Harold Pinter, Newspeak In the 21st Century, by Edwards & Cromwell, and Copper, by Kazu Kibuishi), for my birthday (thanks Richard), and I'm reading those right now.

[blue wool beret]

Lastly, I finished knitting a very simple blue wool beret. I gave it to Robin from school, because it looks stupid on me, but really good on her. Also her previous woolly hat fell off her head onto the tram tracks, and the tram ran over it, cutting it in half.

Knitting-wise I've still got to finish a pair of socks for Richard. They are going to be slightly off though - one sock is going to be longer than the other and the number of rows of colour (they are striped) don't match exactly. Little things like that kill me. Normally I would rip out the 2nd sock and just re-knit it from scratch, but Rich reassured me that he doesn't care. I also really want to get the socks done so I can move on to knitting Ysolda's damson for my mom. After that I might make myself a raspberry beret. Being able to knit on the tram is one of the good things about my considerable commute into town.

Oh and today I also went to school, borrowed the photography lights, and took pictures of all the drawings & paintings (not a lot of those) which I've done on the Portfolio Development course. I wanted to make sure I had digital copies of everything, and I'm lad I finally got around to doing this. I'll need to think about getting my own website to display my portfolio. Before that though, they will be posted on here.

Now... finish my cup of tea, and to bed...

I've been told that, after all, tomorrow is another day.