Friday, 29 January 2010

Last night, and today

Last night, a slightly belated birthday celebration with a friend at Sarah's on the Danforth. A healthy selection of wheat beers. I enjoyed all the ones I sampled (and photographed).

Today I got some yarn to prepare for mum's birthday present. I've decided to knit her Ysolda's damson shawl. It's not much of a surprise because I actually called her up and showed her the pattern so she could pick a colour. Safer this way, I reckon.

But I still have to finish the beret that's on my needles at the moment... not to mention the striped socks I started for Richard. Ho hum. Must commute more so I have more knitting time - and stop getting confused so I spend less time trying to work out what I'm knitting rather than knitting it.

{I also have to write up my wonderful trip to the Osborne collection, & do some translation work, & finish some of my own art projects - when it rains, it pours, you see. And of course I am only ever compelled to blog when I really should be sleeping}