Sunday, 3 January 2010

All kinds of crazy

Remember that time when I rang to say that I wasn't well and I wasn't coming? And you asked if I wanted you to come over and I said no, it's fine? Then I rang you later and got mad at you for not coming over to look after me? Then you came and I gave you a hard time?

I was visiting my granny last week, and she told me that she hurt herself in the garden the other day. She didn't tell my aunt and uncle because she doesn't like them (even though they're fine - in fact, they're like, really nice). Then she told her neighbour and he took her to the hospital and she got stitches and then she got back home. Then my aunt (who heard through the grapevine in a small village) rang up to ask if she was ok and she said yeah it's not a big deal don't worry about it. So they thought it wasn't a big deal. Then she said that nobody cares about her because no one in her family took her to the hospital and no one in her family came to visit. Even though A. she didn't tell anyone in her family - they found out through other people and B. she told them that it was fine and they shouldn't worry. Now she's telling everyone about this and saying that they don't care about her.

I heard this and was like Wow, that is so crazy. Then I thought OH MY GOD I'm totally crazy like her. Then I wanted to ring you up and apologise for putting you through all that and giving you a hard time, and thank you for putting up with me. If I remember correctly we had a very good day together the next day, and when I woke up next to you I was happy.