Friday, 27 June 2008

Mucking around with blog layouts at work... and the dangers thereof

So I find some templates on line and go, "unoriginal, but pretty!" - and decide to upload it for fun. Now it's gotten rid of my widgets (fuck). Also it's coming on 6 pm and my body clock drives me toward food at this particular time, so I can't fix thing now. I've put the old template back, but it's not returned everything to how they were. I can't say that I wasn't forewarned though... it did tell me it was going to delete my widgets. But I didn't realize that my template was in Spanish.... hahahaha. I don't even speak Spanish.

This will require further attention when I get back from my dinner break - what will it be tonight? I feel like the Chinese noodle joint that I've been neglecting for so long. I used to be a regular. I wonder if they'll remember me.